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Patricia Bravo

English Coordinator


Have you ever had in mind how could be learn through a halfway between widespread way and the entertaiment? You could notice the change with our method.


Miguel García


Profesor y estudiantes

Nuestra trayectoria nos enseña que la importancia de enseñar a aprender de forma autónoma a nuestros alumnos es la clave para evitar los atrasos innecesarios en la materias, técnicas de estudio que ayuden a evitar fracasos escolares.

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Sonia Navas

English Teacher

dibujo Juntos

Learning a second language is already a need for the future, but if the beginning is at early ages, children internalize it in a natural way. Toddlers, from 0 to 4 years, children have a greater capacity to assimilate information, knowledge and will have access to two different cultures.